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Reunion Site for MSU Masters Degree in Art Earners in 1969


New Update April, 2016*

* Al Fichera, Digital paintings added to his page.

A website featuring the work of mature, tested artists who work with independent visions.

Beginning a new update now after the original forty year wait and thanks to the World Wide Webs ability to connect people and places, five of the original seven Masters Degree Candidates have begun to reconnect once again. Visit the Members link on the left to connect with each members page. Not all of the members of the class of 1969 have been found to date, but an effort is in place to locate them.

The Contact page has been created and will contact each member in the group.



Peter Bowman Paintings
Peter Bowman David Lusk Gallery Paintings.
View the Paintings >

Al Tennant Pottery
Al Tennant at the Art Spirit Gallery.
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