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My Web Design Lectures converted from PowerPoint to Flash
Learn Cascading Style Sheets with Examples
Use Dynamic HTML with Live Examples
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Visit the demo site for Cozy Cove Village
This is the first site I built with Flash 5 back in 2000; it has been updated several times with the newer software.
This example was created using Fireworks and Flash, it was designed to show a Frames Animation.
This animation was designed to attract children to the plight of Koalas with Tween Animation.
This demo Flash Web site was developed to load external SWF files to save download time.
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Reunion Site for MSU Masters Degree in Art Earners in 1969
Professor Al Fichera CIS127 Generating Web Sites

This is a Back-up site for the Hybrid CIS127 Generating Web Sites class. The class features the Adobe Suite of tools, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash Professional. Since this is a hybrid course there will be seven evening meetings on campus where you will get hands-on experience and be a part of my hands-on Demos.

Image of Al Fichera.


Examples, Videos and Web Material for this class is backed-up on this page.

This is sampling of the different kinds of pages you'll be able to produce by the end of the course. Don't be fooled by pages that look quite complicated, they are easier to build than you think!

You may move on to the different pages I've placed here for:

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The items shown below are examples, demos, and videos used in the execution of the class during the semester.

(NOTE: This page will only hold videos when they are prepared for this site.)

CIS127 Alt SiteThis is the Web home page for the Generating Web Sites Class featuring Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash Pro software. Flash PPT Lecture SiteMy PowerPoint Lectures converted into Flash Movies that can be viewed by anyone. Flash Driven HTML SiteMy Flash Site for HTML, and the Adobe Stuite with Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash Pro Flash Driven Example SiteMy Flash site for some examples of HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, and other files used in my classes. XHTML & JavaScriptI've been reconstruction pages that were lost when my server blew-up! That's two times now that I've lost files; it takes a long time to rebuild these sites when the files are all over the place!
My Flash SiteMy main home page done with Adobe Flash Pro. My Non-Flash SiteThis is my other main page done in HTML and not Flash Pro, it also includes about me pages too. 127 HTML Navigation SiteOak Tree Plaza is not real, it was created as a class project for an Introduction to HTML Programming class of mine. This gave the student a business to create and link to the shopping center. 127 Dreamweaver BehaviorsDominicks Deli is not real, although there really is a Dominicks Deli but this site would not be suitable for their limited access to the Web. I created this site as a demo for my students with ideas for different pages within the site. 127 Flash Tween Web SiteThe Cozy Cove Village is not real, it is a demo Web site used for my CIS127 Creating Web Pages class. This site was created in Basic and Dynamic HTML, in another link you will see an updated Flash version of the site. I created the intro page to group the students to one page.
127 Fireworks NavigationThe Photo Disjointed-Rollover effect looks like a Web page but is only a multi-layered photograph that uses rollover effects. This was created in Macromedia Fireworks. 127 Fireworks NavigationThe Historic Cozy Cove Lighthouse is not real, it's my idea for a Lighthouse Web site for the Cozy Cove project. Again, I use these sites as demos for my students. 127 Fireworks NavigationThe Hot Air Balloons over Napa was created to teach students how to make rollover buttons, use the Timeline Behavior on the main page with the flames and on the linked pages with the moving hot-air balloons. 127 Flash Driven SiteThis was my demo for creating a Web site all in Flash Pro. 127 Flash Splash PageSave the Koalas basic HTML and Flash entry site.
127 Dreamweaver BehaviorsThe Magic Hat exercise was created to demonstrate the power of Dreamweaver Behaviors. A Show/Hide Behavior was used and demonstated to make learning the behavior a bit more fun. 127 Flash Tween AnimationI saw something like this on a Web page once so I tried to make it work for me too, only I didn't copy what was used on the site, I just made up something new. 127 Flash Tween AnimationThis was my first attempt at producing animation for a ad, done in Macromedia Flash 5, so it was some time ago. 127 Flash Splash PageThis was an example of a Flash opening splash page I created for my class. 127 Flash 3D AnimationThis Flash exercise shows how to use the new 3D Animation tool for 2D images.
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