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Visit the demo site for Cozy Cove Village
This is the first site I built with Flash 5 back in 2000; it has been updated several times with the newer software.
This example was created using Fireworks and Flash, it was designed to show a Frames Animation.
This animation was designed to attract children to the plight of Koalas with Tween Animation.
This demo Flash Web site was developed to load external SWF files to save download time.
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Reunion Site for MSU Masters Degree in Art Earners in 1969
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Al was one of the five people chosen to become Graduate Teaching Assistant while earning a Masters Degree at MSU.

My last work as a Professor (now Retired), has been in the world of Web Design and Production. So I have included some of the sites that I either maintain or have created in the past few years. In the grouping shown below are basic and dynamic Web pages.The link provided on the right holds my Flash Web sites, which are a real kick to create and teach to my students.

Image of Al Fichera.

My first job teaching Art was in a small school district in Central PA. I signed on for a two year contract to be Art Supervisor and Teacher. That included everything from K to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12. It was a nightmare that I wouldn't wish on an enemy! I had to create all the corriculum, nothing was in place to follow. My stint as a Professor had to wait until I retired from a Corporate Position years later.

Upon my retirement from my college classes, I attempted to get back into painting again.

* My digital paintings can be found from the link below.

Traditional paint and canvas just wasn't doing it for me this time. So, I started to experiment with digital painting. My first attempts were on the Paper by 53 app. No steep learning curves, just simple tools to paint with appealed to my desire to just paint, not learn how to use digital tools.

Starting in 2017 I moved on to Procreate for the iPad, more difficult but I ended up loving the challenge!

Visit the Flash Sites listed below.

These links relate to my classes on Adobe Flash. These animated pages represent Flash when it was being introduced to the WWW.

Some of the following Web sites were created in Flash and are not for the bandwidth challenged. Once downloaded you can expect to move through the site with ease.

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Bad Jazzy Rags

Link to the CIS67 Back-up Site

Link to the CIS127 Back-up Site

All of the sites, exercises, videos shown on this site have been created by me for my own classes.

These sites were built for fun, profit, and education. Each site has its own unique perspective, but the one underlying aspect has to do with Web Design from my own perspective. Some of the sites are only for Demo purposes in the classroom and to give ideas to my students. Other sites are chock full of helpful information, again to help and serve the student and any other hapless individual that happens upon the site. There are two Family site links and a couple of business sites shown.

There are a few links repeated on this page from one of my three Web Design Classes at Sierra College. They are shown here as a sample of what these classes have to offer a student of Web Design. On the posted links above you will find the balance of the material used in those classes. Videos to be linked very soon from my ScreenCast Web site.

(Note: I have lost my Web hosting server twice now, all the links have been found and are working again. The new updates began on 6/10/11.)

My Family SiteThe Fichera Clan Web site was created to be a meeting place for all the members of my family, the first set of pages began with a tribute to my mother, Grandmas Kitchen after she passed away in 2003. My Mother's SiteGrandmas Kitchen has recipes for her famous dishes. There are printable pages and images of the dishes. Click on the image of Grandma in the upper-left corner to see a special slide show tribute. My Dreamweaver CreatedIndependent Visions Home Page, this is my newest site and has become quite personal to me since it shows the work of my classmates from Graduate School back in the dinosaur days. My Flash SiteMy main home page done with Adobe Flash Pro. My Non-Flash SiteThis is my other main page done in HTML and not Flash Pro, it also includes about me pages too.
My BJR HTML VersionBad Jazzy Rags, this site has both basic HTML and a Flash interface. This is the plain HTML version. My BJR Flash Driven VersionMy All Flash Site for Bad Jazzy Rags, one of my first clients that would use Flash. My Flash Examples SiteMy Flash site for some examples of HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, and other files used in my classes. My Blog SiteMy WordPress Blog site My Flash Lecture SiteMy PowerPoint Lectures converted into Flash Movies that can be viewed by anyone.
My CIS67 Alt SiteThis is my home page for the CIS67 Creating Web Pages Class, updated in 2011. My CIS127 Alt SiteThis is the Web home page for the Generating Web Sites Class featuring Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash Pro software. My CIS137 Alt SiteMy CIS137 Managing a Successful Web Project class Alt site. My Flash Driven Site for 127My Flash Site for HTML, and the Adobe Stuite with Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash Pro 127 Dreamweaverplaceholder.
Dreamweaver Contact3 Rivers Contact Page has an interesting interface that I designed, so I thought I'd add it to the list of page designs. 127 Dreamweaver BehaviorsDominicks Deli is not real, although there really is a Dominicks Deli but this site would not be suitable for their limited access to the Web. I created this site as a demo for my students with ideas for different pages within the site. 127 Dreamweaver BehaviorsThe Magic Hat exercise was created to demonstrate the power of Dreamweaver Behaviors. A Show/Hide Behavior was used and demonstated to make learning the behavior a bit more fun. 127 Dreamweaver NavigationOak Tree Plaza is not real, it was created as a class project for an Introduction to HTML Programming class of mine. This gave the student a business to create and link to the shopping center. 127 Dreamweaver Koalasplaceholder.
127 Fireworks NavigationThe Historic Cozy Cove Lighthouse is not real, it's my idea for a Lighthouse Web site for the Cozy Cove project. Again, I use these sites as demos for my students. 127 Fireworks NavigationThe Photo Disjointed-Rollover effect looks like a Web page but is only a multi-layered photograph that uses rollover effects. This was created in Macromedia Fireworks. 127 Fireworks Navigationplaceholder. 127 Fireworks Navigation3 Rivers Lodge is a real Web site created for my daughter Victoria. She works their and I created the site as a present for her. I'm very proud of how this site turned out. 127 Fireworks AnimationThe Hot Air Balloons over Napa was created to teach students how to make rollover buttons, use the Timeline Behavior on the main page with the flames and on the linked pages with the moving hot-air balloons.
127 Flash Tween AnimationThis was my first attempt at producing animation for a ad, done in Macromedia Flash 5, so it was some time ago. 127 Flash Driven Web SiteThe Cozy Cove Village is not real, it is a demo Web site used for my CIS127 Creating Web Pages class. This site was created in Basic and Dynamic HTML, in another link you will see an updated Flash version of the site. I created the intro page to group the students to one page. 127 Flash Driven Web SiteThis was my demo for creating a Web site all in Flash Pro. 127 Flash Splash ScreenSave the Koalas basic HTML and Flash entry site. 127 Flash Splash ScreenThis was an example of a Flash opening splash page I created for my class.
127 Flash Tween AnimationI saw something like this on a Web page once so I tried to make it work for me too, only I didn't copy what was used on the site, I just made up something new. 127 Flash Nested MoviesThis Flash exercise uses Tween Animation on a Timeline and includes a Sound file. Flash 3D AnimationThis Flash exercise shows how to use the new 3D Animation tool for 2D images. 127 Flash SWF LoaderThis Flash exercise uses the Scroll Pane Behavior to add Scroll bars to long content. 127 Flash Kinematic Anim.This Flash exercise shows how to use the Bones tool for Kinematic Animation and Run-Time Animation.