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Reunion Site for MSU Masters Degree in Art Earners in 1969
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So many years have passed since the late sixties, and those wonderful two years we spent together at Montana State University in Bozeman. Trying to fill in the information "missing blanks" has been a daunting task at best.

Five of us were chosen from a huge field of candidates to become GTA's (Graduate Teaching Assistants) from scholastic years 1967-68 to 1968-69. We also had two local Montana Candidates join our circle of friends who were also trying to earn their Masters Degree.

We five came from different points in the United States, Al Fichera from San Jose, CA., Don Jones from Salt Lake City, Utah, Peter Bowman from Memphis, Tennessee, Larry Smith from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The last and only female member of the five, Margaret Card Davies, has not been found and we don't have any personal information about her, however, I do believe that she might have represented the North East of the United States. The two Montana members, Neil Jussila and Al Tennant, became fast friends within the group, and we all did earn our Masters Degrees in June of 1969.

Each member of the group does have his own page in this Website. Any and all information shown was provided to the group by themselves to be posted for anyone to read. I will try to update their pages when information is available. Four of us are on Facebook and you will see a link to their sites below this paragraph.

Peter Bowman Rest in Peace Peter Bowman
Peter Bowman, Born October 1, 1942 Died on July 31, 2015.

Peter was a very talented and successful artist/educator, I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. His Obituary page is here: memorialparkfuneralandcemetery.com/obituaries/Peter-Bowman

This is a link to the beautiful Tribute Video that celebrates his artistic life:

Tribute Slides of Peter

Al Fichera
Al Fichera, this is his current Profile Picture 2016. Use facebook.com/profal

Don Jones
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Larry Smith
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Al Tennant
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